Geoscience Garden


The rocks in this easternmost area of the Geoscience Garden represent the Canadian Shield. This is one of the most ancient parts of the Earth's crust with rocks that are from about 4 billion to about 1 billion years old. The Canadian Shield extends from eastern Alberta to Labrador. In this area you can see mainly igneous and metamorphic rocks.


  • Granite: pink speckled rock formed from magma (molten rock) that solidified underground and was then exposed by erosion.
  • Basalt and metabasalt: dark green to black rock formed from magma (molten rock) that was erupted from volcanoes and solidified on the surface.
  • Gneiss: metamorphic rock with a banded appearance, formed by the heating and squeezing of older solid rock deep in the Earth's crust. Later erosion has revealed these rocks at the surface.
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